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     Let us help you upgrade from a manual method of connecting and creating services for your staff, students, workers, peers etc to a fast and reliable digital method..


    We offer the latest in web technology! We build websites and also design E-commerce sites for you to showcase your products to the world.


    Take your app ideas to a new level and let us help you to create custom, high-performance and profit-attracting mobile apps..


    We provide cutting-edge custom software development services to help make your business operations more efficient, collaborative and manageable..

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Ugarsoft’s team is a unit of expert software engineers with a wealth of experience in developing mission-critical, scalable, and highly available web applications. Our special areas of expertise include Software Development, e-Commerce, Websites and Web Portals.

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October 5, 2018

Cryptobarons to speak at the Crypto Games Conference; Minsk 2018. close

The Gaming Conference which boasts of well over 600 professionals in attendance with up to 50 speakers from around is scheduled to have it's next stop at Minsk, Belarus from 17th-18th October, 2018, with the Crypto Barons team not only going to be present, but also will be one of the speakers at the event.

August 30, 2018

CB: Progress Updates and Barons Awakening Game Release. close

CryptoBarons was selected as one of the finalists for Cryptogame challenge and the demo version of the game has already been sent for review. Let me tell you a little secret about it… sshhh!! Don’t tell anyone yet. Its awesome; you can purchase ERC 721 cryptoassets and … Yes!!! you can fight battles

August 15, 2018

KIN Developer Program; WiCrypt, the next big thing? close

The Kin Developer Program, is a modelled initiative that will empower developers to successfully create KIN-powered apps, or build KIN-powered experiences into their existing apps with more than 200 developers from over 37 countries around the world proposing new and innovative use cases for KIN over the past few months, with WiCrypt, a product of Ugarsoft Limited being 1 out of the 40 selected finalists in the KIN Developer Program.

July 13, 2018

CB: Fan Art and Animation Contest. close

CryptoBarons game is launching very soon, and we cannot but get excited about the first 3D Blockchain Game that will be released on multiple platforms. The Concept characters for the game have been created, modeled and animated in 3D and we’d love for our fans to start creating beautiful arts and animations for HD wallpapers, memes, video sliders, short videos etc.

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