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Pharmacy Management Systemmore_vert
Pharmacy Management System close
  • Take inventory of goods
  • Monitor sales
  • Analyze monthly sales data
  • Multiple users
Fuel Station Management Systemmore_vert
Fuel Station Management System close
  • Register incoming fuel and complementary goods
  • Install counters of fuel delivery dispensers
  • Analyze monthly sales data
  • Automated measurement and commercial account at petroleum products
  • Remote monitoring over petrol station operation
Supermarket Management Systemmore_vert
Supermarket Management System close
  • Manage the sales activity
  • Maintain the stock details
  • Maintain the records of the sales done for a particular month/year
  • Enter barcode of goods
Hospital Management Systemmore_vert
Hospital Management System close
  • Appointment and Queue Management
  • Inpatients and Out-patients Management
  • Automatic update of patients’ record
  • Automatic update of inventory whenever transaction is made
Online Transport Ticketing Softwaremore_vert
Online Transport Ticketing Software close
  • Electronic Cards Payment
  • Online ticket sales
  • Online printing of payment receipts
  • Fleet management(Dispatch) and Telemetry
Event Booking Softwaremore_vert
Event Booking Software close
  • Online booking of events
  • Online space reservation
  • 360 event center view
  • Online payment for reservation
E-Commerce Softwaremore_vert
E-Commerce Software close
  • Free seller registration
  • Online payment for items
  • Discounts, promos and vouchers
  • Archive customer payment and browser history
Accounts Management Softwaremore_vert
Accounts Management Software close
  • Report on accounts and deals
  • Monitor stage of products
  • Complete view of accounts
Library Management Softwaremore_vert
Library Management Software close
  • Easy to use search interface
  • Digital integration
  • Engaging and exciting features
School Management Portalmore_vert
School Management Portal close
  • Online viewing of result
  • Hostel portal
  • Online class album
  • Online course registration
  • School fees payment software
Learning Management Systemmore_vert
Learning Management System close
  • Give and submit assignments with deadline in online classrooms
  • Keep track of student’s performance
  • Take courses online
Computer Based Tests (CBT)more_vert
Computer Based Tests (CBT) close
  • Job interview screening
  • School assessment tests
  • School assessment quiz